Round tables come in 60" that seats 8 people and also in 48" which will seat up to 6 people.  These tables are wide but offer a nice and elegant setup.  These tables are great for socializing.  


Chill Ice Table

Square tables are 32x32 are great to use for a poker night or for a small event. It seats up to 4 people.   This will also be good for setting up a dessert table. 

Also known as PUB tables, which are great for drinks and mingling. Add a stylish tablecloth or upgrade to a more modern stylish with Spandex 

Cocktail Tables 

Rectangular Tables 

Round Tables 

Chill Ice Table replaces the many coolers that you can have at your event for one table that holds up to 75 pounds of ice.  Holds all drinks or cold food or mix of both.  The table skirt comes in white, black and can be upgraded to spandex white or black. 

Square Table



Rectangular tables are appropriate to use as a banquet table to setup food.  The 8ft table seats up to 8 people.  The 6ft table seats 6 people. 

The tablecloth sizes available for these tables are either halfway or full length depending on how formal your event will be.